Nate Janis

Actor | Singer

the slightly longer story


Classically handsome. Disarmingly goofy.

All-American. Liberal elite.

A gentleman and a scholar. A rebel without a cause.

Nate Janis defies easy categorization. He relishes describing himself in dichotomies. He’s a mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a 6’1” hirsute package.

Born and raised on Manhattan’s Upper East Side (no, it wasn’t like Gossip Girl), Nate attended the Trevor Day School from K-12. As a boy he wanted to be many things, including: Pete Sampras and/or Derek Jeter, a theoretical physicist, an investigative journalist, and Marty McFly. He would later discover a way to achieve all of these dreams: become an actor.

He first trod the boards in various school and camp productions, notably as Lollipop Guild Member #1 in his middle school production of The Wizard of Oz. In college he re-caught the acting bug, and took on roles over four feet tall such as Laertes in Hamlet and Leo Frank in Parade.

After graduating from Yale with a degree in Political Science, Nate moved back to New York to pursue acting, a decision that still gives his parents polite trepidation. Fortunately Nate doesn’t care what his parents think, as long as they help pay his rent. (Thanks guys!)